Favorite Book Main Characters

Trying to isolate my favorite main characters is probabaly one of the hardest tasks. I love some many characters and narrowing it down to three male and female characters was hard. In the end, I decided on these characters for this reason alone: I think about them all the time!

Honarable Mentions: Eric Northman from True Blood and Cersei Lannister from Game of the Thrones.



From The Fever Series by Karen Marie Monning comes the character Barrons. I am a huge fan of this series because of Barrons. Not only is he one of the most badass alpha domineering characters I’ve read to date, but he is continously true to himself. I classify him as a static character, because the essence of his being doesn’t change thorughout the story. Instead, his secrets are slowly divuluged thus changing our impression of him. He is not a hero, as he says several times. He does not have altruistic intentions, tells the reader he won’t be sacrificing himself, and because of this, I abosultely love him. Hello morally grey 😉

The Darkling

I don’t think it gets more morally grey than The Darkling from Shadow and Bone. Leigh Bardugo brings us a character who is alluring and seductive to the heroine. He is selfish, manipulative, well spoken, and I frequently mourn the loss of the relationship that He and Alina might have developed. One componet that I enjoy about him is that he is driven to achieve his goals, though they are misguided.


The Iconic ACOTAR series from Sarah J Mass brings us a High Lord who truly understands what it is to be leader. He sacrifices nearly everything he has for the good of his people and it completely melts your heart. I won’t spoil anything specifically, but I attribute much of the success of the heroine to the support of Rhysand.


Aelin Galythinus

Sarah J Mass books are what brought me back to reading. Aelin was the first character that I found myself in. Aelin starts in a prison camp, and endures some of the worst atrocities, yet she surivies. She battles with PTSD, becomes a bad ass assiasin, and can more than hold her own in a fight. Also, she loves deeply, she is loyal to her friends and lovers, and sacrifices herself over and over to protect her people. Though SJM tends to write charcaters that the best at everything, therefore making unbelievable, they exsist in a fantasy world that I can get behind.


The Shadows Between Us is the ulitmate Slyhterin, morally grey romance story. Our leading lady, is cunning and quick witted. She lives outside the rules and roles that society has put up for women, and is driven to become the queen. She does not shy away from manipulation even though she gets burned for it at one point. Regardless of her hard exterior, her walls begin to break when she is up against a man who is equal to her in intelligence. She makes my list because of her teancity.

Nora Sutherlin

The Orginial Sinners series is written by Tiffany Resiz, which is one of my favorite Adult Romance series. Nora is what make the series intoxicating. She is a strong willed character, who never apologizes for who she is. She is kind to others and she has an alluring look to her. She exudes sexual energy that others are attracted to and she is willful. We see her develop from teeanger into mid 30’s, which makes her relatable to every women. Every time I reread this series I find myself in awe of the energy that is Nora Sutherlin.

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