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Hello everyone, and welcome to my book blog. My name is Julian and I’m a book addict. In other words, I like to read, a lot. I’ve started this book blog because I have a true passion for stories and I want to share it with others. If you’re interested in reviews, bookish topics, and sharing your passion, stick around. You won’t regret it!

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What’s New?

  • Favorite Book Main Characters
    Trying to isolate my favorite main characters is probabaly one of the hardest tasks. I love some many characters and narrowing it down to three male and female characters was hard. In the end, I decided on these characters for this reason alone: I think about them all the time! Honarable Mentions: Eric Northman from True Blood and Cersei Lannister from Game of the Thrones. MaleContinue reading “Favorite Book Main Characters”
  • Review of It Ends With Us
    It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover Adult Romance Page Count: 367 Standalone (Update: Soon to be a duet) Themes: Love Triangle, Jealously, Self-Sacrifice, He’s Only Soft For Her Soft Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence Main Characters: Lily – A women in her mid 20’s opening her own business Ryle – a doctor who sweeps Lily off her feet Atlas – Lily’s first love in high schoolContinue reading “Review of It Ends With Us”
  • Book Review of Legendborn
    Legend Born By Tracey Deon YA Arthurian Fantasy Book One in The Legendborn Cycle Page Count: 490 Themes: College Campus, Secret Soeciety, King Arthur Retelling, Blood Magic Book Blurb: This book follows a young black girl who has just lost her mother in a car accident. She is beginning an advanced high school student program at the university when she witnesses a magical attack on aContinue reading “Book Review of Legendborn”
  • Review of A Heart So Fierce And Broken
    A Heart So Fierce And Broken By Brigid Kemmerer YA Fantasy Book Two in the The Cursebreaker Series Page Count: 450 Themes: Battle for Crown, Romance of Convience, Kingdom in Rebellion Main Characters: Harper — Posing as Princess of Disi Rhen — The Crown Prince of Emberfall Grey — The Exiled Commander of the Guard and True Heir of the Crown Lia Mara — Princess ofContinue reading “Review of A Heart So Fierce And Broken”
  • Top Book Series to Start This Fall
    I love to read series, but I get really disapointed when I have to wait a year or sometimes longer, for the next book in a series. I typically forget what I have read in the previous books, especially when it comes to small details in the plot. Because of this, I pulled together list of 5 series that I think you should read that willContinue reading “Top Book Series to Start This Fall”
  • Review of a Curse So Dark and Lonely
    A Curse So Dark And Lonely By Brigid Kemmerer YA Fantasy Book One in the The Cursebreaker Series Page Count: 484 Themes: Magical Curse, Enemies to Lover, Beauty and the Beast Retelling Main Characters: Harper — A girl from Washington, DC Rhen — The crown prince of Emberfall Grey — The commander of the royal guard Lilith — An evil sorceress Book Blurb: Cursed by aContinue reading “Review of a Curse So Dark and Lonely”

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